Friday, June 29, 2012

Life thus far...

Sophie is an SPCA rescue so her origins are shrouded in mystery. OoooOoooo....She definitely has a lot of Chihuahua in her with the next most prominent breed being something like a Jack Russell Terrier.

 Smoosh these two together and you get a Sophie!!

fuzzy Chihuahua from the internet

Jack Russell Terrier from WikiCommons

Sophie on May 25th-- 9 weeks old
When she was dropped off at the SPCA she was estimated at 6 weeks and weighed in at a tad under a pound and a half. Based on that original age estimation Sophie is 14 weeks and is now a whopping 3.3 pounds according to the last vet weigh in!


Welcome to Sophie-Xōchitl's blog! Sophie is a 3 month old Chihuahua-terrier mix and she is the first dog of a committed cat person. Since she managed to completely win me over despite repeated vows of never wanting to live with a dog, I have decided to indulge the crazy dog owner persona. Yes, I have been accumulating a wardrobe for her and have been teaching her to tag along in my purse...and now a blog... the Chihuahua is strong in her- I simply can't resist.

Sophie- 14 weeks

In addition to her opening up a whole new world of pet companionship, Sophie has also pushed me down an avenue of research I have always been interested in. As a graduate student in Pre-columbian Art History focusing on Ancient Mexico, I have repeatedly come across the Colima dogs! A perennial favorite of art lovers, dog lovers, etc.

Image of Colima dog from WikiCommons
The Colima sculptures represent a breed of dog kept by the Toltecs and other Mesoamerican groups known as the Techichi. The Techichi is thought to be the most likely ancestor of the Chihuahua and now, thanks to my own little Techichi, I feel inspired to look a bit further into Sophie-Xōchitl's Mesoamerican ancestry and see what new knowledge I can dig up for myself.

If you're interested in the trials and tribulations of new dog owners, art, and of course Chihuahuas stick around and keep reading. Thanks!